"Look At Me"

"Look At Me"
monotype and screenprint

Art Gallery: Art Unrelated to Autism Project

"Buried Alive"  Lithograph  May 2003

"Horror and Irony"  Etching

"Just Breathe"  Monoprint 2012
"The Nightmare Begins"  2003

"With This Ring"
November 2011

"Letting Go"
monotype, serigraph, thread  2005

In progress

"There Aren't Enough Words"
Monotype, Lithograph, Serigraph, Intaglio, Thread  2005

Trying to figure out where to place the pieces of my "quilt."

Framed and ready to go!  In this picture (with the glare) you can actually see the words on the piece reflected back.  They are the lyrics to the song Dustin and I danced to at our wedding. 

"As Long As We Both Shall Live"
Monotype, Serigraph, Lithograph, Thread   2005

Lithograph 2003


"Eternal Death"  mixed media 2003

A charcoal drawing of Keyan Wayne Unick, a baby born with a heart defect who died on the operating table.  I drew this for my friend, who never had the chance to hold her beautiful son. 

"Heads or Tails"  Monotype, Lithograph, Serigraph, Chine Colle, Thread, Pennies  2005

detail of hand

"Wishes Do Come True"
Monotype, Chine Colle, Thread  2005

the monotype in progress


Purple version
lithograph/screen print  2005

Silver version
lithograph/ screen print 2005

"The Dance of Life"  etching 2002

"Safe"  lithograph 2003


A pencil sketch...


Woodcut  2004

lithograph 2005
(purple version)

(black version)

"Facing the Past:  Confrontation With Self."  Lithograph.  MA thesis.  UNK 2003

lithograph 2003

"Sanctuary"  lithograph 2003
"Obsessive Thoughts"  lithograph 2003

"Soul"  etching, a HAPPY ACCIDENT!  2004

"The Porcelain Child:  Reflections Part 1"  lithograph 2004

"Reflections Part 2"  lithograph 2004

Digital Prints

Glass Pieces 2000


"Solace"  2010

"Without Words"

"Do Not Disturb"
This one actually got me an award at the NE State Fair 2010! 

"Sunbathing" 2010