"Look At Me"

"Look At Me"
monotype and screenprint

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Press Arrived!

Ellie the Etching Press!

My press arrived on Monday, June 20, 2011.  I named her Elissa (a shortened form of Elizabeth) and call her "Ellie".  She is the little girl (big girl???) I never had.  (If Tyler or Derek had been a girl we would have named her Alyssa, so this is PERFECT!)  She weighs over 400 lbs!!!  We've been working on the studio all week.  I'll post more pics asap.  Must sleep...

Oh, and there are now 10 kids (including Derek) in the project!  9 boys and 1 girl, ranging in ages from 2-13.  They are from 6 different states--Wyoming, Missouri, Tennessee, Florida, Nebraska and Pennsylvania.  Pretty exciting!  I'll post pictures of the newest kids as soon as I can too.  :)  Welcome to the project Alec and Paul!   

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