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"Look At Me"
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Haircut Chronicles Continue


After (with ice cream as a reward)
I was hoping, really hoping, that Derek's haircut would be a BREEZE today.  We've been preparing for haircuts in therapy, by practicing for them.  We spray Derek's hair with water, we show him the scissors, we brush his hair, we pretend to cut it.  All of these things were difficult at first, but he got used to them. 

Today, we tried something a little bit different.  Rather than taking Derek to a salon, I had a stylist come to our house.  I figured, in his own house, with the tv on to distract him, maybe Derek would be more comfortable. 


I don't know what it is about haircuts--the sound of the scissors?  The itchy hair on his neck?  SOMETHING about having his haircut drives Derek up the wall.  I wish he could tell me why it's so bad.

I guess today wasn't as bad as some days.  He whimpered a lot and said, "NO" over and over again and tried to get out of my lap repeatedly.  But he wasn't crying and screaming and kicking.  I just HATE the look on his face--it's as if he is having to endure the worst possible torture on earth and I'M the one that's inflicting it.  His eyes ask one question:  Why are you doing this to me again? 

I've thought seriously about letting his hair grow and letting him look like a little wild child.  I have no problem with that.  But HE seems to have a problem with his hair once it gets in his eyes.  For the past two weeks he has seemed annoyed.  So, I decided once again to cut it, despite my dread.

And boy, does he look CUTE.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences with others who might benefit. I have had students who really loathe the sensory experience of hair falling on their face and neck. You might be on to something with Derek's sensitivity to having his hair in his eyes and it falling on his neck when it's cut. Could you try a sensory activity to help desensitize? Maybe gently massaging the face and neck if tolerated.