"Look At Me"

"Look At Me"
monotype and screenprint

Friday, May 27, 2011

105% funded and then some...

Yesterday was the final day to donate on Kickstarter.  I made $6825 on the Kickstarter website, plus what I made at the 2 fundraisers.  I can't believe it is over.  I'm excited for the next step though.  It will take two weeks for all the money to transfer over to the amazon account and I have to completely pay off my printmaking press before they will ship it, so in the next few weeks I guess I will do my best to prepare.  I need to clean out the area I'm going to use as my studio, set stuff up, order more art supplies, and start working on the "rewards" for my donors.  I am going to get t-shirts designed at The Buckle Screenprinting today. 

Yesterday I was reminded once again that my challenges with Derek have only just begun.  I took Tyler and Derek to the 1st day of the library's summer reading program.  They had a magic show.  A bunch of kids were there and a handful of parents.  All the kids sat on the ground in front of the magician.  Except mine.  Tyler is definitely a Momma's Boy.  He wanted to sit right next to me.  And then there was Derek.  He ran back and forth and spun in circles at the back of the room.  He had a big grin on his face and every once in a while tried to make a mad dash toward the front where the magician was.  I had to jump up and grab him before he got in the way.  I tried to get him to sit with me, and I even tried to pin him between my legs when he got really antsy, but he ended up screaming.  I am quickly learning that when Derek doesn't want to do something, I am not strong enough to control him.  That scares the crap out of me.  I also wondered what the other parents thought of me.  I don't think many of them knew Derek was autistic.  They must have thought I was one of those awful parents...the kind who have no control over her own kids. 

Derek also had his photos taken by Katie Arndt yesterday.  He won a package a few months ago from Time for Baby because he won a Cutest Kid Contest.  :)  So we went out to Cottonmill Park and took a bunch of pictures.  Hopefully a few will turn out good.  He was not overly cooperative.  Neither was Tyler.  The only thing that really made Derek smile was when Katie pulled out the bubbles.  Derek was much more interested in exploring the trees, looking at the lake, and staring at the birds flying in the sky. 

The picture that won Derek the Cutest Kid Contest at Time for Baby!

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