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"Look At Me"
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Adopting a Guinea Pig

My boys walking into the Nebraska Humane Society
I think I've mentioned once or twice that Derek loves animals.  For a while now, I've been wanting to get him a pet--but my husband is allergic to cats and I honestly don't think we have the time (or money) for a dog.  However, I've had guinea pigs most of my life.  When Tyler was just born, I actually had SEVEN.  (Yes, I said SEVEN.  One of the pigs I got at Petco was supposed to be a girl and turned out to be a boy...there were babies.  Lots and lots of babies.)

Anyway, we haven't had them for a while.  But I've kept all of the supplies.  I had two empty cages downstairs just sitting there, as well as empty food dishes and leftover bedding.  I decided to see if there was a guinea pig that needed rescuing at the Humane Society.  I didn't want to get one from a pet store again.  I've had bad luck with pet stores in the past--one of the pigs I got a few years ago was very sick and after spending hundreds of dollars on it at the vet, the poor thing still died.  Another was infested with mites and we had to wash him in a bath that smelled like rotten eggs to kill all of them (nasty).  I knew that the Humane Society has a vet check their animals and I'd be getting one who was older, but at least healthy.  Plus, I'd be saving a guinea pig's life!  

So, on March 1 we marched into the Nebraska Humane Society, knowing there was a guinea pig named "Bob" who had been there since mid-February.  We had high hopes that he'd be coming home with us.  Well, Tyler and I were excited anyway.  Derek didn't really know what was going on.  He was excited to see all of the different animals though.  Besides cats and dogs, there were gerbils, mice, birds, rabbits, and there was even a snake!

Derek checking out the snake.

The boys looking at the birds.  Derek did a happy dance when he saw them.  :)

Turtles swimming in a cage.

Tyler excited to adopt "Bob" (we renamed him QT)!
About an hour later, we walked out of there with our new pet.  As you can see from the pictures below, my boys LOVE him.  Derek gets a big smile on his face whenever he sees QT and immediately wants to pet and feed him.  He'll hand him a carrot and say, "Eat it Squeaky!"  He doesn't remember our old guinea pigs, but Tyler does.  And Tyler is Oh, So Happy to have a new one.  Especially a friendly one that squeaks and purrs.  

Petting QT

I think they call this LOVE.
This pig is full of personality.  I've had a LOT of guinea pigs in my life (Piggy, Fuzzy, Snowball,  Pepe, Tweek, Puddin', Rascall, Patches, Mu, Pip, and JR.).  QT is only the 2nd one I've known that sits on top of his house for fun.  :)

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