"Look At Me"

"Look At Me"
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Haircut Chronicles

Today Derek had his haircut.  I dread haircuts.  Usually haircuts are a nightmare.  They are like a 20 minute assault on Derek's senses.  He screams, cries, kicks, thrashes, tries to get away, and wipes at his face so much that he gets hair in his mouth and gags.  It's horrible to watch and I feel like I am torturing my child.  I've wondered if I should let him grow his hair out.  But then it gets to the stage where it's in his eyes and he's constantly pushing it OUT of his eyes.  That and he hates having his hair washed.  SOOOO...haircuts it is. 

I tried something different today.  I had Big Brother Tyler go first.  I usually cut Tyler's hair myself at home to save money.  I just buzz it.  But since I'm having pictures of the boys taken on Friday, I want them to look decent.  I think it helped--Derek watched Tyler out of the corner of his eye.  Sure, he was in my arms the entire time and kept pointing toward the door, but he watched.  He saw that Tyler didn't cry.

When it was Derek's turn, I tried to get him in the chair and he slumped to the floor, screamed "NO!!!" and fought me.  He wouldn't let me pick him up.  Finally I got ahold of him and sat down in the chair with him.  All of a sudden, it was like he gave up.  He stopped fighting and became a limp noodle.  He rested his head against my chest and just sat there, occasionally whimpering.  I didn't know WHAT to think.  This had NEVER happened before.  He held his cars, once in a while brushing the hair off his neck or arms and showing it to me, saying, "oh, no!" and whimpering some more.  Toward the end he started to panic a little, but I think it was because he was getting pretty itchy. 

I was SOOOOOO proud of him.  He's never done so well at a haircut.  Was Tyler to thank?  Is he just getting more used to this stuff?  Whatever it is, I'll take it.  Today was a tiny victory in my autism battle.

The "Before" Picture

Derek at the salon.  He's terrified and clinging to me.

Big brother Tyler getting his haircut

Tyler looks handsome.  :)

Derek struggeld for a few minutes, then became a limp noodle in my arms.  1st time that's EVER happened.

I think Derek went to his "happy place."

Bye bye curls

Why are you doing this to me?

All done.  I have my cars and I'm happy, but itchy.

The "After" Picture